Boot camps

For cost effectiveness, you can't beat group fitness done the Busy Body way! Our Boot Camps are small, specialised group fitness sessions of 4-10 people, and you could be one of them!
Benefits of working out with a group of people include finding new friends, additional support and motivation, great social interaction, and challenging yourself against your comrades 🙂
So what makes the Busy Body Boot Camps different?
By applying the principles of energy expenditure, the time in exercise is much shorter than traditional programs. The intervals of training are intense, but time based so you can go at your own pace. The session caters for all levels and abilities. Perfect technique is taught and monitored closely to avoid injury, and a range of weights from easy to hard are provided to allow progression.
You will get the opportunity to use a huge variety of fun equipment such as slam balls, power bags, agility ladders and cable machines.
No two sessions are ever the same, there are many formats... and endless ways to move!

Investment options:
Casual session rates are available for $20, but we incentivise you to commit to more than one!
You're much better off puchasing a '4-pack' concession card for $70 which is just $17.50 a session.
Or even better value is the '8-pack' concession card for $120, or just $15 per session.

But the best value on the Boot Camps is reserved for our Personal Training clients. Two of the packages get these Boot Camp sessions for free, and the other gets half price casual rates!!

Currently there are two evening sessions: Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm.
We are looking to open additional classes in the morning and during the day. Register your interest now!


You have nothing to lose... except your excess fat! Come along and try out a session, meet the team and have some fun!
You must book your place to ensure there is enough space. Text, call or email Ross 021 2879 489 /