Getting your diet right accounts for around 70% of your results.

What that means is that you can have a fantastic exercise regime, lead a low-stress lifestyle, and still go absolutely nowhere with your health and fitness goals.
So you have to be prepared for change with your current eating habits.

But since every body is different, chances are that too-good-to-be-true internet diet, or the one that worked for your workmate, isn’t going to work for you!
The approach we need to take is to include the right exercise, and tailor an eating plan just for you.

The eating plan needs to be one that you enjoy, includes the foods you love, and is sustainable for the long term. Often this can mean just changing the calorie loading during the day, and/or switching a few options out for better choices. Sometimes we will recommend a top quality supplement to address vitamin and/or mineral deficiency, or assist with cellular regeneration (reduction of free radicals and the like!). We never take a red pen to your diet and get you to start from scratch… If you can’t live without your chocolate, no worries you can still eat that!

Busy Body are also experts in Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet plans, which are proven to be very successful for fat loss despite what you may think when you hear 'high fat'! This approach trains the body to utilise fat as the primary fuel source rather than carbohydrates, and is particularly useful for attacking trunk (or 'visceral') fat. And even better, it's really yummy to eat fatty foods!!

So how do we track if our nutrition plan is working for us? Well first of all we'll ask you a lot of questions. Are you always hungry? Do you feel low on energy? Are you craving any particular foods? Then we'll pop you onto our top-of-the-line Tanita body composition scales that very accurately detail all the essential info for regular comparisons.

Brilliant, so I how do I get started?

Just call, text or email us and we’ll set aside some time to get you to the studio, discuss your specific goal, and determine the areas we need to address and formulate the plan for your new sexy body!