My name is Action Abdul - a fully qualified Fitness Professional and I specialise in training busy business people who want to look, feel and move like an athlete!!

If you are (or have been) too overweight to fit into your suit, or ever felt less than successful because you are not the size that the business world appreciates, I may just get it. I would like to help - it is why I chose to be a Fitness Professional as my career, and for me it is personal…

I may get it because I was an overweight kid in a New Zealand high school where being fat meant I was the biggest target. Yes I was bullied and teased but I also could barely fit into my school uniform (which was a suit).

So I took ACTION!! Now I am Action Abdul and I transformed myself from a 128kg overweight teenager into a fit, strong, 90kg young man, I lost 38kg and yes - I am still a work in progress.

The next ACTION was to become a fully qualified exercise expert, with a Specialised Fitness Business double-Diploma. If you think I can help you personally to look, feel and move like an athlete, please call me NOW to get started!!