Ross established Busy Body PT in 2010, and has helped hundreds of people achieve amazing results! Ross became involved with health and fitness as early as 5 years old, when his parents enrolled him at a local soccer club. His passion for sports has continued right through to the current day, and if he had the time you'd find him on a footy field, or tennis court, SCUBA diving, snowboarding down a mountain, or a hundred other activities! Ross has also been heavily involved with strength training since high school, and a member of many different gyms. Over this time he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the science of strength and sports conditioning. This culminated in 2009 when Ross graduated from MAX International College for Fitness Professionals with a Double Diploma. Since then he has added to this formal skills set with an Advanced Padmasters Focus Pad Boxing qualification, has completed a Muay Thai kickboxing pad course.

From humble beginnings in a small 2 car garage (including an unplanned water feature in heavy rain!), Busy Body has grown rapidly and expanded into the current 170m2 commercial premises in Ben Lomond Cres. This is a great central location within the Eastern suburbs.

As a busy business owner, Ross understands that nutrition and exercise are often secondary to the more immediate daily tasks of life. It was from this realisation that the Busy Body '12 minute' system was born, as everyone should be able to find 12 minutes of effort per week to devote to looking after their body! After all, a fit strong body is a fit strong mind!!

Don't expect a sterile, boring environment at Busy Body... Ross is always looking for a laugh and how to make exercise and nutrition fun – that way you'll actually want to keep doing it!

Ross is a registered member of REP’s, the Register of Exercise Professionals responsible for maintaining the industry standards for Personal Trainers in New Zealand.