Monthly Archives: August 2016

Females bulking up with strength training

CAN FEMALES BULK UP WITH MUSCLE MASS? A lady who was interested in training with me recently had some serious concerns about strength training. She was advised by a ‘bodybuilding work colleague’ that lifting heavy weights was a sure way of ‘bulking up’ and that she needed to lift light weights to tone the muscle.…
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Alcohol and fat loss

We all know that alcohol and weight loss aren’t exactly good partners, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay away completely! All alcoholic drinks contain calories, which your body needs to burn off. And our bodies prioritise alcohol over all other ‘macronutrients’ (protein/fat/carbs). This is because, unfortunately, alcohol is a poison – and our…
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Sit-ups vs fitness for ‘abs’?

What will give me 'abs', fitness training or sit-ups? I'm sure none of us want to waste our time doing anything challenging that does not give us the best result. However, we will often ask for fitness advice or get some information which sounds true, and it seems to work. Like the guy who... ...on…
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