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Lift weights to protect your joints

I was asked last week about the negative impact on your joints caused by lifting heavy weights. This person had been advised that heavy weights will wear out your joints and should be avoided. This is completely 100% incorrect. Weight training, done safely and correctly, is THE BEST THING you can do for your joints.…
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Portion control!

If you're fat, you ate it. Sorry if that's hard to hear, but it's the simple truth. Our body stores excess energy from the food we've eaten as fat. To lose fat, we need to provide our body with less energy than it requires. Our body will then use the stored fat as an energy…
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Strength training for weight loss

Why lift weights when I want to lose weight? Wouldn't this make me heavier? How is strength going to help? I'll be going the wrong way! This is a very common fear - but a complete myth! Strength training is THE BEST thing you can do to lose weight!! Why? In the most simple terms:…
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Do you have a beer belly?

As the years start ticking by, we often succumb to the 'mid life spread', often resulting in what has been termed a 'beer belly' - the round stomach bump that forms mainly on men and starts to make them look rather pregnant (with a baby keg perhaps). However, beer is not to blame in most…
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