Females bulking up with strength training


A lady who was interested in training with me recently had some serious concerns about strength training. She was advised by a ‘bodybuilding work colleague’ that lifting heavy weights was a sure way of ‘bulking up’ and that she needed to lift light weights to tone the muscle.

This information is incorrect for females, it is one of the many myths and fallacies of the fitness industry. Many scientific studies have proven that strength training is the most effective form of fat removal. This is because it has the largest effect on the body’s metabolic rate, and also uses stored fat as energy to regenerate the muscle tissue. And the best thing about strength training is that it is the shortest type of training session there is!!

So how do people bulk up?

In order to ‘bulk up’, that is, put on large amounts of muscle mass through strength training, there needs to be the following 3 requirements:

1) Testosterone

2) High levels of human growth hormone

3) An eating plan consisting of very large meal portions with high protein content.

Now as a male, the first 2 conditions are already met. As a female, NONE of the conditions will be met (providing you eat sensibly!). So there is absolutely NO WAY to get bulky from strength training. Those bulky, unfeminine ladies you may have seen are taking male hormones to look that way!!

Lifting light weights will have a significantly less effect on your metabolism, and so your fat loss results will be less because of it. But beware - lifting heavy weights is a specialist skill, and must be conducted with a qualified fitness professional to ensure it's conducted safely. Come and talk to the Busy Body team today, and supercharge your fat loss results!

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