Sit-ups vs fitness for ‘abs’?

What will give me 'abs', fitness training or sit-ups? I'm sure none of us want to waste our time doing anything challenging that does not give us the best result. However, we will often ask for fitness advice or get some information which sounds true, and it seems to work.

Like the guy who...

...on the advice of a friend, starts running 5 kms fast everyday and doing 100 sit-ups daily (for his fat belly). He loses weight off his waist, he can see his abs in the mirror and of course links his 'Waist Loss' to his sit-up exercises - because when he does sit-ups he can 'feel it' in his abs. He doesn't realise that fat loss comes from getting fitter and burning fat (through the breakdown of fat) to provide him with energy for his running. Our guy now really 'believes' his sit-ups have burnt fat off his waist and he keeps doing them. He gets fitter (from his hard runs that has progressed into interval sprint training). He starts to look and feel amazing, people ask him what he is doing to burn fat off his waist, he tells them sit-ups.

The session on the Krebs Cycle and how the human body burns fat was a bit boring at school, or too hard to understand. He continues to share the same 'Sit-up Silliness, Fat Loss Fib' with anyone who asks... make sure you get the right advice and don't waste your precious time!!

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