Exercise Efficiency Experts

Thanks for taking the time to visit, we hope you leave enlightened, energised - and ready to improve your quality of life!

We are your local Exercise Efficiency Experts, and we specialise in helping very busy business people. If that’s you, perhaps you can identify with the following challenges:

  • Not enough energy to have fun with the family after a day at work
  • No time to look after yourself while juggling a million other things
  • Sick or unproductive staff costing your business money.

We could tell exactly how we can solve these challenges for you with just 12 minutes of effort each week. What - hold on... 12 minutes? Surely that’s a typo? No - it’s science.

The 12 minute system is for both males and females – our biology is essentially the same, except that a few key hormones dictate how our bodies respond. Females get lean, toned and sexy, males get more muscly and buff.

The secret magic formula is a combination of functional full-body strength training using HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training) just once per week, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) twice per week - but only for a matter of minutes each time! Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations – these are specialist skill areas based on the latest scientific principles of exercise physiology. And you can’t find the Busy Body ’12 minute system’ anywhere else!

What you do need to know, however, is that your 12 minutes are all about quality! If you aren’t prepared to push yourself out of your comfort zone in your very short sessions, then don’t bother contacting us to try it out.

But the good news is that you can conduct your own HIIT sessions from the comfort of your own lounge if you want! That means you can visit us 3 times per week, twice per week, once per week or even once per fortnight for those on a budget – and the system will still work perfectly well for you!!

We might also write all about the SMEAEP stress management program for tax free exercise through your business. Or maybe we could tell you how amazing you’ll feel and how great you’ll look.

But we’d much rather show you! CALL us NOW to qualify for a gift session at the Busy Body private results studio, so you can find out how fantastic it feels to have a fully qualified and REPs registered exercise professional look after all your health, fitness, nutrition and stress management needs.

So what have you got to lose? Just a small investment of your time could open the door to a lifetime of new possibilities.

And remember: A little bit of something is always better than a whole lot of nothing 🙂