Hormones and a healthy body

"I'm training hard and eating well, but not getting any results!" Sound familiar? One possibility is that your hormones are messed up! There are over 50 hormones in our bodies, and they are very important for achieving and maintaining a healthy body. Some control hunger and the feeling of fullness, such as Lepton and Ghrelin. If you are always hungry and never feel full, then it's very unlikely you will be losing weight!

When exercising hard, endorphins, epinephrine (adrenalin) and other 'feel good' hormones are produced. The release of endorphins has also been labelled 'Runners High'. These hormones are fantastic mood and energy elevators.

There is one hormone, however, that can cause the greatest problem of all.

Cortisol. This is produced in the adrenal gland, along with adrenalin. In small amounts, this 'fight or flight' hormone has positive benefits. But in this fast-paced lifestyle, excess Cortisol can quickly build up with daily stresses, and can eventually lead to a condition known as 'Adrenal Fatigue' where your body is essentially worn out.

So how can we reduce Cortisol levels? High intensity exercise will release Dopamine which is a relaxing hormone. Be careful to conduct high intensity exercise in short burts (3 minutes or less), otherwise Cortisol levels can spike dramatically. Circuit training and interval training are highly recommended.

Try and engage in calming, relaxing activities. Yoga, tai-chi, meditation. Take up that hobby you used to love doing.

And believe it or not but there is a 'hugging hormone' called Oxytocin, a happy hormone released through touch, that is very effective at managing Cortisol.

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