LCHF nutrition, does it work?

Do you want to eat real food (as much as you like) and improve your health and weight? It may sound too good to be true, but LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) has proof from modern science that it works.

There is no weighing your food, no counting, no bizarre 'meal replacements', no pills. There is just real food and common sense.

A LCHF diet means you eat less carbohydrates and a higher proportion of fat. Most importantly you minimise your intake of sugar, starches and over-processed, nutrient-poor foods. You can eat other delicious foods until you are satisfied – and still lose weight.

A number of recent scientific studies shows that LCHF makes it easier both to lose weight and to control your blood sugar. And that’s just the beginning, the list of benefits is massive.

  • Eat: Meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables growing above ground and natural fats (like butter).
  • Avoid: Sugar and starchy foods (like rice and potatoes) and eliminate wheat (bread, pasta, crackers etc).

Eat when you’re hungry until you are satisfied. It’s that simple. You do not need to count calories or weigh your food. And throw away any industrially produced low fat products.

So how does an LCHF nutrition plan work?

Carbs are broken down into glucose for energy, which requires insulin to transport to the cells of the body. Too much insulin flying around the body can lead to insulin resistance (where the cells in your body start rejecting the insulin), and because the insulin has nowhere to go, your stomach will become inflamed (see our separate post on inflammation!) and you will begin to store fat viscerally around the stomach and trunk. Fat is broken down into ketones, which is a perfectly viable energy for the body but without the need for insulin to transport it, and therefore a much healthier and thinner stomach!!

Seriously, try it for 2 weeks and you'll notice the difference 🙂

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