Portion control!

If you're fat, you ate it. Sorry if that's hard to hear, but it's the simple truth. Our body stores excess energy from the food we've eaten as fat. To lose fat, we need to provide our body with less energy than it requires. Our body will then use the stored fat as an energy source to fill the energy deficit. That means eating less, and that means portion control.

How much is a 'portion' of food anyway?

A good tip is to use your hand. A serving of meat should be as big as your palm. A serving of nuts is a handful (how many you can hold in your cupped palm).

Some good portion sizes to follow:

Breakfast: 2-3 portions

Lunch: 3-4 portions

Dinner: 3-4 portions

Snacks: 1-2 portions (twice per day)

This gives you 5 meals, between 10-15 portions of food. Of course the type of food matters, you can't scoop out 15 handfuls of icecream and expect to lose weight! The key is variety. Colour is your friend. We all know the sort of things we should be eating, but not many of us know how much.

What you'll find is that dinner is the hardest to change. Generally, we stack our energy intake towards the end of the day with dinner being the largest meal. That needs to change. Here's 2 techniques to help you out:

1) Use a physically smaller plate, and you will naturally fill it with less food

2) Use your normal dinner portion but split the plate in half and eat in 2 sittings, one at say 6pm and one at say 7:30pm.

Use these basic guidelines to structure a daily eating plan and stick to it! Your body won't be happy for 1-2 weeks as it adjusts to the new routine, but after that it's smooth sailing towards your fat loss goals 🙂

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