Should I take supplements?

The short answer is yes, you should take dietary supplements!

Modern research has proven that the addition of certain supplements to your diet is essential to maintain optimum health. When you body is at optimum health, weight loss becomes much easier. If your body is sick or 'toxic', you aren't in a state to increase the metabolism to start the fat burning process, and your body is not going to change.

Recent studies have found that fruit and vegetables contain up to 80% less nutrients than they used to, due to factors such as soil depletion, pesticides, and mass production.

So even if you think you maintain a balanced, natural diet with plenty of the good things, you will still be deficient to some extent.

Here is a list of the recommended supplements to take each day:

  1. A multivitamin.
  2. A multi-mineral.
  3. An antioxidant.
  4. Omega-3 fatty acids (high EPA/DHA count).
  5. Additional iron (for women).

Now that's a pretty big list. Fortunately, there are options for combining 1) 2) and 3) into one product. I have such a product in my studio – Organic Green Superfood. This is natural, organically grown, fruits veges grasses and probiotics that have been ground into a powder that you mix into a drink once per day. This greatly increases your intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as your body's ability to digest and process them.

For option 4), the best choice is deep ocean sourced Fish Oil. With any Omega-3 oil, you need to pay special attention to the EPA/DHA levels. Most readily available store bought options contain 300-400mg of the good stuff. I have a product in my studio that is 700mg, or twice as effective! And be sure to research the levels of Mercury in your own Fish Oil, this can add more toxins into your body.

And finally for women, boosting your iron levels has been proven to significantly enhance the ability to exercise and give you greater energy throughout the day.

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