Stacking your energy intake the right way

ENERGY INTAKE: Often it's not the calories we consume, but WHEN we consume them that can make all the difference to your health and fitness goal!

Traditional diets are always temporary in nature, and therefore so are the benefits. However, if you plan when to eat and how much to eat, you will start to notice great results and still enjoy the same food.

Change your plate sizes!

Most of us follow a similar eating pattern throughout the day: little (or no) breakfast, bigger lunch, and then even bigger dinner. Eating this way we stack our energy intake towards the end of the day, when we get progressively less time to use it and the body starts slowing down ready for sleep. The excess energy from the large dinner is then stored as fat when we sleep. Instead, try to have equal size breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, plan to have healthy snacks in between your main meals. 4-6 meals a day is ideal. The portion sizes will be smaller, but you will not go hungry once your body is used to the more sustainable routine. You will have consistent energy for burning fat and fueling your metabolism after digesting the smaller meals.

You can still enjoy the food you love and get the body you want by eating smart!

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