Stress Management for business owners!

I'm very proud to announce that Busy Body has been approved for the SMEAEP (Stress Management) program to offer Personal Training services that can be claimed through your business!

If you own a business (or have a nice boss!), you can claim Personal Training sessions with Busy Body through your company as a legitimate business expense. This of course means claiming the GST back, and the end of year tax benefits too (as with all business expenses it reduces your profit therefore reducing end of year tax). What's more, the SMEAEP program is FBT exempt (unlike things such as company cars) so it's a true fully claimable item! How great is that?

So what exactly is SMEAEP?

SMEAEP stands for "Stress Management Exercise Association Endorsement Program". It’s a long title but the message it's sending to employers is welcome – look after the physical wellbeing of your staff and they will work to their full potential. SMEAEP is a collaboration between Exercise New Zealand and the Inland Revenue Department based around the legal requirements in the new Health and Safety Bill coming into effect.

There are only a handful of approved providers for the SMEAEP program, so Busy Body joins a very exclusive club.

The new legislation for workplace health and safety will bring many changes to the way we operate. It will bring the welfare of you and your staff to the forefront. If you are an employer, it's important to make yourself aware of the changes and we recommend you look at the following websites and to find out more.

So how would this work in the real world?

As a boss, you could offer a health and exercise scheme to your employees. You would factor the Personal Training rate into the remuneration package. You advise your employee the full rate of the package provided (fair enough, without a business to claim through, it WILL be the full rate!). The employee thinks "WOW what an amazing boss, he/she really cares about my wellbeing and is prepared to invest in my health every week!". The boss then claims everything back and actually pays a whole lot less than the employee would. So the boss wins. The employee wins. And Busy Body wins (because of course you selected us from that list!!)

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