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**Busy Body Personal Training wins the 'Innovation of the Year' Award 2017 at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards!!
**Ross the Boss runner-up for 'Personal Trainer of the Year' 2017 🙂

We are your local Exercise Efficiency Experts, and we specialise in helping very busy business people. If that’s you, perhaps you can identify with the following challenges:

  • Not enough energy to have fun with the family after a day at work
  • No time to look after yourself while juggling a million other things
  • Sick or unproductive staff costing your business money.

We could tell exactly how we can solve these challenges for you with just 12 minutes of effort each week. What - hold on... 12 minutes? Surely that’s a typo? No - it’s science.

The 12 minute system is for both males and females – our biology is essentially the same, except that a few key hormones dictate how our bodies respond. Females get lean, toned and sexy, males get more muscly and buff.

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Ross the Boss
Ross the Boss

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