Image of two ladies working out at Busy Body

Let’s be honest here – you’re probably visiting this site because you’ve tried other exercise and/or nutrition solutions and for one reason or another, they haven’t worked for you. So do you want to trial our Epigenetics solution too and hope it works for you, or would you rather KNOW exactly what your body needs?

Then together we can decide if the Busy Body training modalities fit your genetic profile, and make a plan!

Ross and Lana are both epigenetics coaches, and your profile is created in-house at the Busy Body studio.

Only 5% of the genes that you are born with are locked in place, which means 95% have been altered throughout your life. Our relationships, environment, food, lifestyle all play a role in configuring these genes, to create the person you are today.

We now have the ability to map what has happened to these genes, with a tape measure and detailed health questionnaire, which gives us 10,000 data points of genetic information. There are 15 sciences and 20+ years of research into this epigenetic program.

Now that technology has caught up, you also get a brilliant phone app and notifications sent to your wearable devices!

Contact us today to book in your first session.