Photo of healthy smoothie bowl with fruits

The majority of micronutrients come from plant-based sources (fruit, veges, nuts, seeds and spices) so most Epigenetic food profiles are high in these.

Most food that has been processed (anything from a box or packet) has had all the nutrients stripped away in the manufacturing process, as well as adding in all sorts of chemicals and nasties that cause inflammation in the body. These will be highlighted in your profile too, and we focus on reducing these foods from your eating plan.

Your Epigenetic food profile is so detailed that every food item is ranked from best to worst for your body! As well as the perfect time window to eat each meal, and how many meals per day to aim for. It’s the most comprehensive and accurate solution available, and our role as your coach is to integrate this information into your regular eating routine.

There are always special cases of course. Certain diets such as LCHF (low carb high fat) or keto (ketogenic) can be very effective for people with conditions like diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

We could write PAGES of information about nutrition, but we’d much rather share the tips you need as we tailor your Epigenetic eating plan just for you.