Photo of smoothie and colourful dumbbells

The Busy Body 12-minute system is the most time-efficient exercise program for your fat loss goal.

The biggest challenge that we hear on a daily basis is “I want to lose weight”, but we want to challenge your thinking on that. Do you want to lose lean muscle tissue, which gives you that fantastic toned shape? Do you want to lose bone density and increase the risk of fractures, breaks and osteoporosis? Do you want to dehydrate the body and lose all your energy?

We hope the answer is NO! What you really want to do is LOSE FAT! To do this, we need to focus on correct exercise, nutrition and lifestyle improvements.

So how do we track if you are losing fat and keeping those muscles? We pop you onto our top-of-the-line Tanita body composition machine that very accurately details all the essential info for regular comparisons. The Tanita scales are almost $1,000 and send dual frequency scans through your body, and the results are sent straight to an app on your phone. This allows us to fine-tune your program especially at the early stages when the results are harder to notice with your eyes.