Photo of Ross helping Lana

Here’s a great analogy for what Movement Correction is – the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. Obviously, the architects did not want to build a leaning tower. But they started with a soft, inadequate foundation then began to load it up with weight.

The more they added stories, the more it began to lean. A variety of corrective techniques were used over the centuries, the last being just over 20 years ago. But without fixing the foundation, they cannot fix the lean. 

Our bodies are the same. We need to correct your foundation before we load you up with weight and movement.

But wait… here’s another analogy! Everyone has a ‘stress bucket’, which is how much stress you can handle before your bucket is full up. For some people it’s a teacup, for others it’s a water tank. But when your bucket is full, it overflows – causing mental, emotional, and/or physical breakdown.

Part of our responsibility to you is to identify the size of your ‘stress bucket’ and use our tools to bail the stress out of your bucket. If we remove the stress from your body through Movement Correction (straighten up your own Leaning Tower), we can help keep that stress bucket empty for all the other things that life throws your way!