Photo of Busy Body gym with blue fluorescent lights

Financing the very first studio in Advene Rd, Cockle Bay proved challenging, until discussions with the landlord led to a joint venture creating a 30m2 home gym in the separate garage building.

At this location the business grew quickly to 23 clients within the first year. After the second year, the decision was made to purchase and move int an 80m2 commercial studio in Ben Lomond Cres, Pakuranga. Ross was conducting 45 sessions per week and decided to systemise the model for more superstar “Express Results Coaches” to join the team.

In 2015 Ross began to build a small team, the Busy Body expanded into the next-door unit at Ben Lomond to double the floor space to 160m2. The original unit was the strength studio and the new unit was the HIIT cardio studio. Planning then began on the world-first gym mode. To help raise the new capital for this ambitious projects the original Ben Lomond unit was sold, and the strength studio squeezed into the HIIT studio with 80m2 once again.

In march 2019 the studio relocated to Patons Rd Howick, where Busy Body intends to stay until the gym project is ready to launch! The gym will remain in East Auckland, ideally close to Howick so that our fantastic clients are not inconvenienced with large travel time!