Photo of Ross helping Lana

Our Premium session is the top level of service that we provide. If you want the best experience including regular body composition tracking and a neck, shoulder and back massage to end each session, then this is the one for you!

Exercise should be viewed as a stimulus for the body to respond and adapt to, rather than just ‘burning calories’ when we move. When the body is adapting to the stimulus, you are burning calories all the time – up to 3 or 7 days later depending on the ‘Energy System’ that was used! It’s the intensity of the stimulus rather than the duration of it that gets results.

The greater the stimulus, the greater the response and the body changes faster. But a greater stimulus means a greater energy drain, so you get exhausted in a handful of minutes. What are the key changes we want to see? A fitter and stronger you! When you are fit and strong, you are a fat burning metabolic machine.